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Teach your children slideshow

Slapped together to experiment with some new editing software (videopad), which also converted it to flash.

Or it can be opened in a media player.

And this one was converted to flash using avc:

conversion from avi. to mpeg-2 to flv:

videopad project converted to mp4:

Or try this link for your media player.

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Atlanta & Blue Angels

This is Atlanta. Somewhere beneath the canopy hides Paul Cella.

This is Stone Mountain.

And these are some ineptly taken videos of the Blue Angels at the Dobbins AFB Airshow attended by a reported 200,000 people. We hurriedly pulled to the side of the road to get these shots. I didn't have my good camera with me. If I had, what you'd see in the opening couple of clips are four jets wingtip to tip arcing through the sky.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Story of the Battle Hymn of the Republic

As might be expected, you can thank a woman.

"Why is it that young men must go forth to die with such obscenities on their lips, and with filth for their battle hymn?"

Long, but worth listening to. Performed by the United States Air Force Marching Band and Singing Sargeants, from the album "I Am an American."

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El Paso

by Marty Robbins